What is a Martingale Collar?

  • Designer No Slip Control Collar
  • Provides more control without a choking effect
  • Perfect for dogs with necks that are larger than their heads
  • Durable cotton / jacquard ribbon covered webbing
  • Machine Washable (see below)
  • Great for active dogs
  • Made in the United Kingdom

Advantages of Martingale Collar over Standard Collars

  • Fits looser and is more comfortable than standard collars when not tightened by leash pressure. This helps to prevent fur tangles, breakage and skin irritations
  • Provides much more control and can help prevent escape of excited, scared or aggressive dogs by securely contracting the entire collar if the dog pulls.
  • This is a much gentler form of correction than choke collars and is used by top trainers from around the world.
  • Helps to relieve pressure on the trachea by evenly distributing pressure around the neck than directly on the front of the neck.

How Martingale Collars Work

Martingale collars are made with 2 loops. The larger loop is adjustable and goes around the dog's neck to fit loosely. The second, smaller loop is the control loop. If a dog tries to escape, the tension pulls on the small loop which tightens and in turn tightens the larger loop- thus preventing escape.

Washing Instructions

Pop in a pillowcase or laundry bag, wash on a warm cycle, short spin and air dry.


Up to the user to ensure the collar is fit for use on every occasion.

Dog Collar Size

Large dog over 34kg, Medium dog from 28-34kg, Small dog up to 28kg

Collar Width

1½" Collar


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